The Timothy Institute

Developing Missional Leaders who serve with Passion, Purpose, and Integrity


“The purpose of TTI is to develop servant leaders in the church who have a passion to bring in God’s harvest, are biblically competent and purpose-oriented, and will make a difference in their homes, community, and work environment for God’s Kingdom.”  


1. There will be 11 sessions over a twelve month period of time where each participant will come prepared and ready to interact with the session discussion. 

2.  The Timothy participant will read and analyze 11-14 books which deal with leadership, spiritual formation, doctrine/theology, and practical ministry.

3.  There will be daily Scripture reading.

4.  There will be Scripture memory verses integrated into each session.

5.  The participant will keep a personal journal along with a leadership observation journal.

6.  There are four papers written by the participant covering each area of study:

  • The essential qualities of a servant leader
  • Personal Purpose Statement
  • The Fourfold Gospel
  • Making disciples in a post-Christian culture  

7.   Participants will complete 2 “Engage Event” (including a half weekend retreat) where study and experience are joined. 

8.   Participants will join or start a Life Group (see Life Groups page for details). 

9.  Participants are members of Yakima Alliance Church.

For questions and inquiries about TTI at YAC, please contact Pastor Kirk at 966-9111 or
(*The Timothy Institute is developed by Pastor Monty Wright.  For details go to .)