We are

What it looks like

Our desire is to see people come to Jesus, be discipled in His ways, and be renewed by the present and future hope He brings. We gather in homes, sharing life together, encouraging one another, and growing in Christ so that His love overflows in us to others. We gather on the weekends to celebrate God and his stories of transformation in our lives and of those we encounter in our neighborhoods, our cities, around the world… wherever we go!

We value

Extravagant Celebration

We celebrate God working in our lives. Through songs and stories, creative expression, our gifts and talents we celebrate Him. We celebrate through honoring one another in our lives. We celebrate as spiritual families by welcoming others to experience God.

Apprenticeship to Jesus

Discipleship happens when one life invites and informs another life in the pursuit and apprenticeship of Jesus. Our character, intimacy with, and understanding of God is central to an apprenticing relationship. Discipleship also means apprenticing in the skills of Jesus and happens best within context. All followers of Jesus should be discipled and discipling others.

Sacrificial Living

We give generously. We give of our time, both to those in community with us and in the larger Church body. We give generously of our money. In community, we sacrifice to make sure that no one is lacking. We give of ourselves to the Lord, knowing that to find our lives, we lose ourselves to Jesus. It is through giving of ourselves that we draw close to Jesus.

Pray First

Prayer isn’t just an opening to our gatherings or worship experiences. We pray before anything else. If we lack wisdom or understanding – pray first. If we are sick – pray first. If we are broken, lonely, or hurt – pray first. Prayer isn’t the only thing we do, but it is the first thing we do. Prayer is like breathing for the body – we breath in the presence of God. Prayer develops intimacy with the Father.

Live Simple Rhythms

Our faith is not only intellectual, but also actionable. We are called to live out rhythms and patterns in our life that connect us to the heart of God, with other believers, and with those outside the family of God. As a Jesus centered community, we model a different pattern of life based on the person of Jesus and informed by those who have followed him for centuries.